JAGZ Portfolio

A little about myself, If you don't already know I go by my stage name JAGZI have been working in the entertainment industry for about 13 years now in all fields such as:

  • Radio

  • Marketing/Advertisement/promotions for music venues

  • Flyer/poster graphic design for music events & concerts

  • Booking touring artists/bands

  • Building stages for bands

  • Setting/hooking up professional audio/visual and lighting equipment for businesses/world wide famous musicians

  • Music production

  • Voice Acting

  • Professional videography & video editing

  • Professional Photography & Photo Editing

  • Alpha/Beta testing video games

  • YouTube content creation

  • Twitch livestreaming

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Projects I have assisted with:

1st Camera Assistant

Digital Art Examples:

Logo Design Examples:

Show Events/Flyer Examples:

Entertainment & Music Photography Examples: